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Donghuayuan Blood Pressure Instruments

Beijing Donghuayuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China donghuayuan blood pressure instruments manufacturers and factory with leading company donghuayuan blood pressure instruments and meidical equipments and health product NO.1 donghuayuan blood pressure instruments with CE,...

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Donghuayuan Blood Pressure Instruments

Automatic Blood pressure monitor

Accurate measurement

Achieve the same accuracy as the mercury sphygmomanometer.

According to the world environment criteria, the mercury sphygmomanometer may be prohibited in near future. Therefore , automatic blood pressure monitor will be the optimum alternatives.


Minimized plan of arms

Pressurizing to the systolic blood pressure by rising, and this is the best technology to reduce pain.


Simple use and convenient measurement

Human ergonomic design and audio guidance,laying your arm comfortably for measurement. Serving the comprehensible results through 7-inch color LCD and friendly voice.


Less medical labor force to measure more people

Simple use to ensure the medical labor force burden minimized and measurement  and measurement for more people in the short time.


Measurement for Both arms

Blood pressure of left arm and right arm can be measured. A start button on the right side makes it convenient to measure the blood pressure of the left arm.


Express thermal printer

Clean and quick printing due to high-speed thermal printer with automatic cutter.


Data transfer to PC or body composition analyzer for management.

Data storage

Measuring results can be saved and transferred to SD card or through USB for comparison and management.

Calibration function

Can be connected to the mercury sphygmomanometer or precise pressure meter for verification and test.



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